Welcome to the New Haven Ski Club

The New Haven Ski Club is truly a Club for All Seasons. As a member, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of affordable ski trips and purchase discounted lift tickets. But the fun doesn't stop there.

  • Join us on one of our winter trips. This season we're heading to Austria (Kitzbühel) and Wyoming (Jackson Hole).
  • Race with the team at Mt. Southington
  • Stay at the Snowflake Lodge in Killington, Vermont
  • Meet new friends at our weekly meetings in West Haven
  • During warmer seasons, hike, bike, play a round of golf or disc golf, play tennis, go kayaking, head out on a camping trip--we do it all!

Membership is open to individuals 21 years of age and older, and family memberships are welcome. Click Here to Join Today!

Kevin Blagys


Matt Manzella

Vice President

J. P. Harkleroad


Jessica Hall

Recording Secretary

Mary Crosby

Corresponding Secretary

Stephanie Rose

Queen/ Ambassador

Club History

The Quinnipiac Club of New Haven was founded on January 6, 1941, by Mrs. Kriste Hille at the request of Marjorie Zang from the New Haven YMCA and Walter Schoenknecht. The first meeting was attended by 47 ski enthusiasts. Early activities included ski trips to the Country Club and Yale Golf Course.

The war years limited club activity. Two club members, Charlie Pierce and Frank Smith, continued skiing, serving as instructors in the Mountain Troops. By war's end, a glut of army ski equipment made skiing affordable, and the Quinnipiac Ski Club of New Haven shortened its name to "New Haven Ski Club" to encourage membership growth.

In the late 1940's, Walter Schoenknecht shared with his fellow club members his plans for the future. Walter's plans were for a ski area in the town of Cornwall, to be known as Mohawk Mountain. This was the first ski area in Connecticut. It would still be some time before he and two engineering friends invent snowmaking. Also, our first issue of the Snowflake Newsletter, the club''s monthly bulletin begins publication.

During the 1950's, the club began to take weekend trips to Vermont. Instruction, ski patrol, and competition committees were formed, and club members served on volunteer ski patrols at many mountains. The first "most improved skier" trophies were awarded; and the first Club Day races were held. The "Snowflake Manual" (originally called the Guide for the Bunnies and Schuss Boomers) was born. The club also joined a charter flight to Europe, which initiated the Club's annual winter trips to the Rockies or Europe.

During the 1960's, summer activities such as hiking, camping, and weekly tennis at the Yale Courts were originated. In 1969, the club began its tradition of renting a ski lodge for its members. As a result of the gas shortage of the 70's, members began organizing group bus trips which have become our most popular activities to date. In 1977, Larry Mann introduced the New Haven Ski Club to the Connecticut Ski Council Monday Night Racing Series.

During the 1980's, the club lodge was relocated to Killington, Vermont from Mt. Snow. Monthly summer meetings were initiated, and the club became much more active off season.